Chesneys Outdoor Living

Chesneys Outdoor Living range of products are the superior solution for your cherished outdoor living area. They will revolutionise how you enjoy your outdoor space and like all great ideas, they are elegantly simple.

One unit, with the appropriate accessories, provides a multitude of cooking options including Grilling, Baking, Roasting, Smoking, Wok Cooking and Pizza making. You can bake the buns you will use later in the day for a BBQ, you can roast Rib Beef or grill Burgers, Steaks and Chicken and if you don’t fancy BBQ food you can switch to making Pizzas for everyone instead. For dessert you can go back to baking mode and do a big batch of delicious fresh cookies or brownies for everyone.

Once you’ve finished cooking and the sun goes down you can gather your family and friends around to continue the party in comfort and cosiness by putting the unit into Heat Mode. Better again, when in Heat Mode the unit self-cleans allowing you to relax and truly enjoy yourself. You can even use it as an auxiliary cooker and heater for big family meals such as your Christmas Dinner!  

When not in use, the Chesney unit will be a focal point in your outdoor living area and will undoubtedly enhance the space with its subtle good looks. There are a lot of good cooking or heating products on the market, but none are as sleek, versatile, sexy or as simple to use as the British designed Chesneys Heat Range.

This is your leisure time, to enjoy. Don’t settle for second best.

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